About Us

Biaggio’s is a family owned restaurant that strives on excellent customer service while providing the highest quality of food. Born to make a difference in the restaurant industry, every detail of our operations are carefully thought out and fulfilled with the Biaggio’s family love.

Through our innovative technology & design our staff is enabled too provide a superior experience within the most positive atmosphere. Our work within the community and role we take in becoming an eco-friendly restaurant will contribute to the successful impact Biaggio’s will have on others. Everything from the quality of food, the vibrant atmosphere, & the outstanding service provided, has been designed in the best interest of you, our customers!

History & Family - Established in 2013.

The “Ruffino” family name has been synonymous with great Italian food for almost 60 years and three generations beginning back in New York then moving to the Lehigh Valley, PA. For over 30 years, Chef/Owner Joseph Ruffino has been serving the Lehigh Valley and now is back with their latest brand, “Biaggio Pizzeria and Family Restaurant” along with his wife Georgette, and children Salvatore, Dante, and Janelle.

With the new brand firmly in place, the Ruffino family is pleased to serve our family’s traditional Italian and Sicilian food with our special touch and homemade family’s recipes. Chef Joseph Ruffino is pleased to serve our family’s traditional Italian and Sicilian food with a touch of the Ruffino Family’s homemade recipes.

About Chef/Owner, Joseph Ruffino

Joseph brings that special taste of Italy into every dish he makes which is prepared with “Love”. As a business owner, every detail from the decor to the menu is watched over so that every customer is treated like family and receives a wonderful dinning experience.

With his warm smile and out-stretched hand, it is easy to see that Joseph cares about every detail. Each New York style pizza is created with the signature “Ruffino Sicilian Style Sauce”, a special family created in Carini Sicily over 80 years ago!